May 27, 2020

Input the IP Static that you have got from Biznet, put the IP on the interface that direct to WAN port interface (Biznet Cable), in this example : is for Subnet Mask is and for gateway is, here are the steps. Nov 28, 2016 · When you set up your router, two implicit static routes were created. A default route was created with your ISP as the gateway, and a second static route was created to your local network for all 192.168.1.x addresses. With this configuration, if you try to access a device on the network, your router forwards your request to the ISP. Jan 24, 2013 · Here is the way how to set fixed IP address via DHCP server configuration in Mikrotik RouterOS. For example, you want to assign a computer with a MAC address 70:F1:A1:D1:49:49 with an IP address and clientID ‘client10’, use the following command: You might find the section on static routes in the Mikrotik Wiki helpful. Firstly, you need to add a static route on Mikrotik 2 traffic to reach the voip server vlan on Mikrotik 1. /ip route add dst-address= gateway= Secondly, you need to add a static route on Mikrotik 1 for return traffic to vlan 103 on Mikrotik 2. I have 2 static addreses (a.b.c.72/24 and a.b.c.128/24) on gateway1 and gateway2 interfaces. ISP have one gateway a.b.c.1. I can use a.b.c.72 only on gateway1, a.b.c.128 only on gateway2. How to get a.b.c.128 working? I want route some local machines via second interface. I know some ways to route via different gateways in mikrotik.

May 31, 2019

MikroTik MTCRE is at the 2nd level certificate from MikroTik, and it is considered in the Engineering level. This course will speak about everything related to Routing at the Intermediate level. Being MikroTik MTCRE certified is a prerequisite for the higher level Routing certificate which is MTCINE The route entry makes all packets with dst-address 192.168.2.x received from any interface, be sent through gateway, since that router is connected to the destination network - it is the correct path.

Question: How can I identify specific clients (static IP's) to ALWAYS follow the less preferable default route of direct out of the WAN regardless if the L2TP is up or not. I tried Using a mangle mark-routing 'BYPASSVPN' , and I created a new static default route for this routing mark - with a gateway of Eth1.

r/mikrotik - Question about routes when using Sation May 22, 2011 What is the difference btwn a static route and port