linux4501 is a linux software distribution for the soekris net4501 single board PC (see It fits on a 16 or 32 MB Compactflash card…

The u/Net4501 community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Building a Stratum-1 GPS Based NTP Server with a Soekris EXTREME Overclocking has just posted an article on Building a Stratum-1 GPS Based NTP Server with a Soekris net4501. Typical GPS based NTP server appliances sell for hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Most have lots of features that justify that cost, such as an ovenized crystal oscillator (or even a rubidium standard), additional frequency soekris for sale | eBay

This compact, low-power, low-cost, advanced communication computer is based on an up to 500 Mhz 586 class processor. It has four 10/100 Mbit ethernet ports, up to 512 Mbyte DDR-SDRAM main memory and uses a CompactFlash module for program and data storage.

Updating a Soekris net4511's BIOS - Geek Projects - Linux I performed BIOS updates on a stack of Soekris net4511s and net4521s today. Here’s a quick-and-dirty howto for anyone who wants to do the same thing from a Linux host running minicom. Note that these instructions should work on any net45xx series Soekris board, including the net4501. Download the BIOS update from Soekris’ Downloads Page. DD-WRT Forum :: View topic - can dd-wr run on these

soekris for sale | eBay

Nov 16, 2012 Soekris Europe » vpn boards They are perfect for low cost and low power VPN Routers like the net4501 and net4801, and can deliver at throughput of up to 250Mbps doing encryption and compression, more than enough for use at T3, E3, OC-3 and Fast Ethernet speeds. miniBSD - reducing FreeBSD