Steps to Encrypt. 1. In Gmail, click Compose.. 2. You should see the Virtru bar at the top of the Compose window.If it is OFF, click the toggle to turn it ON.. 3. Add your recipients, subject, body of the email, and any relevant attachments.

Otherwise, Mail indicates it can’t decrypt the message. See If Mail can’t decrypt emails. If you want to include encrypted messages when you search for messages in Mail, set the option in the General pane of Mail preferences. The option enables Mail to search individual words, even though the message is stored encrypted. How to Encrypt Email in Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook Accounts To send an encrypted email message in Log in to your account. Click the blue New message button in the top-left corner. Select the encryption option from the ribbon. How To Send Encrypted Emails in Gmail Using Chrome and Firefox Mar 27, 2020

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How to decrypt an encrypted email using gmail settings

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