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Anonymous Proxy Servers | HowStuffWorks The most popular kind of anonymous proxy servers are Web-based proxies. All you have to do is go to the Web site of the proxy service, enter the desired URL in a special address box and the service will relay the request to the Web server anonymously. There are some downsides to anonymous proxy servers. How to Use Proxies to Surf Tor Anonymously | Best Proxy May 04, 2020 5 Essential Reasons to Use Anonymous Proxy Servers Blocking Identity Thefts and Security Dilemmas. Those who commit online frauds like to set up …

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How to Use a Firefox Proxy to Browse Anonymously Also, if you are looking to use a proxy to play online games, double-check the gaming website to see whether or not they allow the use of proxies. Some companies don’t support proxies but haven’t placed a ban on them either. Do a bit of digging before using the proxy blind. Staying safe online is key to a happy relationship with the internet.

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